Australian Bush Birds
Australian King Parrot  -  Alisterus scapularis
male King Parrot
Male King Parrot at Batemans Bay, NSW.
King Parrot male King Parrot female
Male (on the left) and female (on the right) King Parrot.
Male and female Australian King Parrot - Alisterus scapularis - have distinctly different colour schemes. Males are predominantly scarlet and dark green with red upper beak; females are predominantly green with orange-scarlet underbelly. Size; 42 to 44 centimetres.

Lives in pairs or in small flocks. Very wary in the wild.

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map map Distributed along the east coast from central Victoria to south-east Queensland (version scapularis) and along the Queensland coast to Cooktown (version minor). Keeps to heavier coastal and mountain forests in breeding season; this includes rainforest, eucalypt forests, palm forest, dense river-edge forest and closely adjoining eucalyptus woodlands.

After nesting King Parrots are found in lowland farmlands, shelter-belts, parks and gardens.

Fairly widespread and sedentary but unevenly distributed within its range.

female King Parrot
Female King Parrot feeding on the ground at Munghorn Gap, near Moree, NSW.
female King Parrot
Male King Parrot at Munghorn Gap, near Moree, NSW.