Australian Bush Birds
Red Wattlebird  -  Anthochaera carunculata
Red Wattlebird Red Wattlebird
The Red Wattlebird is characterised by red wattles near the throat
Red Wattlebird Red Wattlebird head with distinctive red wattles
map map The Red Wattlebird - Anthochaera carunculata - has a black crown, the remainder of head is black with silver streak and silvery-white face below the eye. There are red wattles (patches of bare skin) below the cheeks. Underside is dark chestnut brown with silver streaks; merging into pale yellow underbelly. Back is grey with broad white streaks and white feather edges. Legs pink. Tail feather tipped white. Reaches 32 to 36 centimetres in length.

Distributed across southern Australia; one race (carunculata) found from southern New South Wales, through Victoria into South Australia to the Eyre Peninsula; race clelandi is found on Kangaroo Island while race woodwardi is native to south west Western Australia.

Large and noisy honeyeater. Groups feed on flowers of eucalyptus and other plants following the flowering in autumn and winter. Domineering towards other birds.

Inhabits eucalyptus forest and woodlands, forests and suburban gardens.

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Common species, nomadic or sedentary.