Australian Bush Birds
Intermediate Egret  -  Ardea intermedia
intermediate egret
The Intermediate Egret is similar to the Great Egret but this bird has a smoothly curved neck and more rounded head. (Kakadu, NT.)
intermediate egret
Intermediate Egret in breeding plumage has darker coloured legs and lacy plumes in the front. (Atherton, Queensland.)
map map The Intermediate Egret - Ardea intermedia has white plumage and a long yellow bill. The long neck is smoothly curved but not kinked as in the Great Egret and the Intermediate Egret has a higher forehead than the Great Egret. Reaches 56 to 70 centimetres in length.

Breeding birds have long plumes in fine filaments hanging from breast and back and over the tail. Bill is orange or red and legs are darker coloured when breeding.

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In flight, the feet extend beyond the tail tip and the head is drawn back.

Mainly found across northern Australia from about Broome; along the eastern half of Queensland and New South Wales, in all of Victoria and south-eastern South Australia.

Lives in freshwater wetlands, especially lake edges, billabongs and swamps with plenty of emerging vegetation. Sometimes lives in mangrove swamps and on tidal mudflats.

A common species in the north, uncommon in the south.