Australian Bush Birds
Major Mitchell Cockatoo  -  Cacatua leadbeateri
Major Mitchell Cockatoo
Pale pink Major Mitchell Cockatoo with lowered crest.
Major Mitchell Cockatoo Major Mitchell Cockatoo with crest raised.
The Major Mitchell Cockatoo - Cacatua leadbeateri - is white above with pale pink head and breast. Underside is pink, wings and back are pale grey. Previously known as the Pink Cockatoo.

This cockatoo raises a long white crest with red or red and yellow bands. Females have less red in the crest. Males have brown iris, females have red iris. 39 centimetres long.

Usually lives in small flocks.

Lives in open, sparsely timbered grasslands, drier farmlands with well-treed paddocks; in mulga and similar open scrublands, open mallee country, casuarina country, watercourse trees. Never far from water.

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Major Mitchell Cockatoo
Major Mitchell Cockatoo feeding in shrubs beside the Eulo to Thargomindah road.
map map Two races distinguished by crests:-
Race leadbeaterii has red and yellow bands in the crest, this is found in New South Wales, Victoria, southern Queensland and eastern South Australia.
Race mollis has red bands only; found in South Australia, Northern Territory and the limited parts of Western Australia inhabited by this species.

Sedentary; generally uncommon with patchy occurrence, but may be locally common.