Australian Bush Birds
Little Corella  -  Cacatua sanguinea
Little Corella
Little Corella with blue-grey eye ring and red facial patch. The crest is not always raised
Little Corella Little Corella
The Little Corella - Cacatua sanguinea - is coloured white overall with a short white, erect crest and short whitish bill. Underwing and undertail are pale yellow. Blue-grey eye ring larger below the eye. Pink to red between eye and bill; extent of this colour patch varies with subspecies.

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map map The Little Corella feeds in flocks on the ground. Congregates in trees to strip the leaves. Often occurs in noisy flocks containing hundred and thousands of birds. Flocks take off from trees screeching and making a raucous din at any time of day. In the breeding season flocks are smaller as birds remain closer to their nests.

Found over most of mainland Australia, except for the arid western interior. Lives along tree-lined water-courses and on adjacent plains; on savannah woodland, mulga and mallee. Increasingly found in urban areas. Generally abundant.

The Western Corella and the Long-Billed Corella can be distinguished by their longer bills, different coloured patches between eye and bill, and throat colour patches.