Australian Bush Birds
Brown Treecreeper  -  Climacteris picumnus
Brown Treecreeper Brown Treecreeper
Brown Treecreeper is a mainly grey bird often seen running up tree trunks and along branches.
map map The Brown Treecreeper - Climacteris picumnus - has a long pale eyebrow separated from the pale face and breast by a dark line through the eye extending forward to base of beak, finer section extending towards back of head. Belly and flanks are covered in short, interrupted stripes. Lower flanks and belly have a weak rufous wash over them. Breast in males has fine vertical black lines, females have fine rufous lines; these lines are often hidden. Rump marked by black and white transverse lines. Back is light to mid-grey brown; head grey. Juveniles are darker and more colourful. Grows to 14 to 18 centimetres long.

A north Queensland version is darker overall, while a version in Victoria and coastal New South Wales is more rufous overall.

Forages on the ground and on fallen timber as well as on the trunks of standing trees.

Lives in eucalyptus forests and woodlands, in scrub in drier areas, river-edge trees, timbered paddocks. Common and sedentary.