Australian Bush Birds
White-headed Pigeon  -  Columba leucomela
White-headed Pigeon
White-headed Pigeon at Port Macquarie, NSW.
White-headed Pigeon Head and shoulder of White-headed Pigeon at Port Macquarie, showing the pink bill with red eye-ring and line between bill and eye.
map map The White-headed Pigeon - Columba leucomela - is a large pigeon with white head and neck. Wings and back are black with a slight iridescent sheen of green and violet, underside is white blending to grey. Legs and feet are pink, the bill is pink with yellow tip, red eye-ring. Female similar to male but with some grey mottling on head, neck and breast. Juveniles have grey to brown crown and sides of head with a paler face and mottled grey-brown below. Grows 38 to 41 centimetres in length.

Shy and wary pigeon; very noisy wings when frightened into flight.

Inhabits rain-forest, especially edges and regrowth; has a preference for suburban gardens and cleared land with abundant Camphor Laurel regrowth. Scarce overall but more common in north-east New South Wales