Australian Bush Birds
Feral Pigeon or Rock Dove  -  Columba livia
Feral Pigeon
One of the many Feral Pigeons found on the foreshore of Port Phillip Bay. This bird's colouring has more brown than most. (Williamstown, Vic)
map map The Feral Pigeon - Columba livia - has extremely variable plumage, most often on a basic pattern of blue-grey body with glossy sheen on the neck; wings black with chequered pattern or two black wing bars. Tail is often dark coloured or black tipped. Grows to 31 to 35 centimetres.

Introduced soon after first European settlement and now widespread, mainly around towns and farms but also found along roads and railways and in coastal cliffs.

Feral pigeon Feral pigeon
Feral Pigeons in the Murray River near Mannum, SA, showing more usual colouring.