Australian Bush Birds
Eastern Yellow Robin  -  Eopsaltria australis
Yellow Robin
The Eastern Yellow Robin has little fear of people and readily stays perched on tree trunks as people pass by a few metres away.
map map The Eastern Yellow Robin - Eopsaltria australis - has a grey head, face and chin with a dark eye; back and rump are olive, wings grey with paler wing bar visible in flight. Legs are brownish-black. Narrow white patch on lower chin, underparts are citrus yellow. Juveniles are brown streaked white. Grows to 15-16 cm long.

Found singly, in pairs or in small family groups. Perches on branches and trunks of trees while scanning the ground then dropping onto an insect. Flights are short, undulating with a short glide before alighting.

Lives in eucalyptus and rainforest, woodlands, banksia heaths, drier mallee, acacia scrubs, coastal thickets. There are two variations. Described above is race australis found south of northern New South Wales. Race chrysorrhoa, in Queensland and northern New South Wales, has citrus yellow rump.