Australian Bush Birds
Bar-shouldered Dove  -  Geopelia humeralis
Bar-shouldered dove
Bar-shouldered Dove searching on the ground for food items.
Bar-shouldered dove Bar-shouldered dove
Left. The bill with two shades of blue is a prominent feature of this bird
Right. Head of a Bar-shouldered Dove showing the various colours and markings.
map map The Bar-shouldered Dove (Geopelia humeralis) is a medium size dove (grows 27 to 30 centimetres) with long tail. Face and head are blue-grey, crown has darker bars. Bare skin around eyes is dull pink; beak is blue. Blue-grey colouring extends down the front merging into the pale underside. Hind neck is bronze with dark barring; blending into grey-brown wings and back. Tail is grey-brown with white tips, except for the central feathers. Legs and feet are pink-red.

Feeds on open ground near cover; roosts and nests in shrubs or trees. Often seen alone feeding on the ground around caravan parks and reserves.

Lives across northern Australia from about Exmouth in Western Australia, through the Top End and eastern Queensland into New South Wales. Appearance becomes gradually paler south west from the Northern Territory.