Australian Bush Birds
Peaceful Dove  -  Geopelia placida
Peaceful dove
Peaceful Doves are most often seen engaged in their apparently endless search for seeds on the ground. They are also common, but easily overlooked, in trees.
Peaceful Dove Peaceful Dove with striped neck.
map map The Peaceful Dove - Geopelia placida - is a small dove (reaches 20 to 24 centimetres long) with long, tapering tail. Crown is grey-brown with fine black streaks. Forehead, throat are pale blue-grey. Breast is pale blue-grey with numerous fine black bars extending around to the back. Underside has tinge of pink, not barred. Back is pale grey and heavily barred. Skin around eye is pale blue, bill is blue-grey. Feet are a deep pink.

Forages on the ground; roosts, rests and nests in shrubs or trees. Inhabits open forest, woodland, tall shrubland (usually acacias), watercourse tree lines through arid country. Very common in better watered regions of northern and north-western Australia. The colour scheme makes this bird sometimes hard to see as it quietly searches for food on the ground; often alone.

Version placida found in the eastern half of the continent, excluding southern Victoria, as well as the Top End and into the Kimberley. The different version (clelandi) found in the Pilbara is paler overall.

This species was formerly Geopelia striata