Australian Bush Birds
Western Gerygone  -  Gerygone fusca
The Western Gerygone is a small, mainly brown, bird.

map map The Western Gerygone - Gerygone fusca - is greyish-brown with olive-brown cast above, whitish below. Short, dull white eyebrow merges into top half of white eye-ring; red eye. Tail dark with bold white spots. Grows 11 to 12 centimetres. Juveniles are yellowish.

Lives in drier country west of the Great Dividing Range in open forests, woodland, mulga and mallee. In south-western Western Australia it extends closer to the coast, also found in jarrah and wet karri forests.

Forages in tree canopies; often hovers about outer foliage; solitary or in pairs, rarely in small mixed or same-species parties.

Sedentary and common.

Western Gerygone head Western Gerygone
Left. Short, rounded beak
Right. Dark tail and brown wings as the Gerygone takes off