Australian Bush Birds
Brahminy Kite  -  Haliastur indus
Brahminy Kite
Brahminy Kite at Evans Head, NSW.
Brahminy Kite Brahminyg Kite
Brahminy Kite head and shoulders. On the left at the Territory Wildlife Park near Darwin, NT; on the right at Evans Head, NSW.
map map Adult Brahminy Kites - Haliastur indus - are chestnut brown and white with dark wing tips. First year birds are brown and mottled and may be confused with Osprey and White-bellied Sea Eagle. Second Year birds are are a mottled mixture of faded first year mottling and faded adult colouring. Grows 45 to 50 centimetres long, span 110 to 125 centimetres.

Glides with broad wings and upturned wing tips along the shoreline and shallows. Scavengers for carrion but is also an opportunistic predator of small fish and marine creatures as well as insects and small reptiles from nearby land. Perches on dead trees along the shoreline and scans the water edge for prey.

Usually lives in more sheltered waters of tropics and subtropics; prefers coasts with islands, mangroves and estuaries. Penetrates far inland along rivers

Found around the coast from about Geraldton in Western Australia north to Sydney in New South Wales.
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Brahminy Kite