Australian Bush Birds
Silver Gull  -  Larus novaehollandiae
Silver gull
Silver Gulls resting on the Eighty Mile Beach, Western Australia
map map The Silver Gull - Larus novaehollandiae - (more commonly known as a "Seagull") has a white head, body and tail. Upper wings medium grey. Primary wing feathers are black with white tips; when folded these form white spots at the tail. Bill, feet and eye-ring are red, iris is white. Non-breeding adults have dark bill tip and duller red parts. Adult plumage is attained after six full or partial moults over three years. Juveniles have dark bill, iris and legs; plumage is pale grey mottled brown and buff especially on the back and wings.

Gregarious scavenging birds, often living in large flocks.

Lives near coastal and inland waters as well as on cultivated farmland, ponds and rubbish dumps. Found all around Australia, extremely widespread; an extremely adaptable bird; abundant in southern Australia, less common in the north and sporadic inland.

Silver gull Silver Gull