Australian Bush Birds
Yellow-throated Miner  -  Manorina flavigula
Yellow-throated Miner
Yellow-throated Miner is an inland version of the Noisy Miner. (Kings Canyon, NT)
Yellow-throated Miner Head of yellow-throated miner at Kings Canyon, NT. According to some classification schemes this represents race wayensis which is smaller and lighter coloured than other races.
map map The Yellow-throated Miner (Manorina flavigula) has a light grey crown, pale yellow forehead, side of neck washed yellow. Throat is white washed with a yellow tint. Two streaks of bare yellow skin from bill. Rump white. Back is grey, upper wings are yellow-green. Breast is white with grey mottling. Legs and feet yellow-orange. Size 26 to 28 centimetres. Juvenile has a yellower throat.

Lives in dry open woodland; part-cleared mallee and fringes and on farms. Noisy gregarious and conspicuous; outside the breeding season found in large flocks. Feeds more on insects from foliage, bark or the ground than on nectar.

Found across much of inland Australia; absent from Tasmania and Victoria. Not found in coastal New South Wales or coastal Queensland south of Mackay or Cape York. Also absent from eastern Top End and the extreme south-west of Western Australia.

Appearance is variable, mostly gradual geographic changes, and there is no agreement over the number, or names, of variants. However, the following are most commonly used; flavigula in most of Queensland, New South Wales and south-east South Australia; obscura in south-west Western Australia; lutea in the Kimberley and western Top End; wayensis in most of inland Australia, especially Western Australia, Northern Territory, South Australia; melvillensis on Melville Island.

Locally nomadic, common.

Similar: Noisy Miner. Black-eared Miner in the SA/Vic Riverland. Distribution overlaps with the Noisy Miner in inland NSW, much of Qld, north-west Vic and south-east SA.

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