Australian Bush Birds
Bourke's Parrot  -  Neopsephotus bourkii
Bourke's Parrot
Above and Below: Bourke's Parrot at Thargomindah
Bourke's Parrot  
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map map Bourke's Parrot - Neopsephotus bourkii - is a distinctive pinkish-brown bird with variable blue frontal band. White about the eye and face. Grey-brown above, wing feathers edged yellowish-white. Salmon pink underside, face to breast finely scalloped. Rump is pale blue, under tail whitish. Size 20 to 23 centimetres. Females and juveniles are dull without the frontal band.

Lives in arid to semi-arid scrubland, mainly mulga.

Found in a central band across the arid parts of Australia from central New South Wales almost to the west coast of Western Australia.