Australian Bush Birds
Crested Pigeon  -  Ocyphaps lophotes
Crested Pigeon
Crested Pigeon at Emu Plains, NSW, showing the crest, eye markings, wing markings and red legs and feet.
map map The Crested Pigeon - Ocyphaps lophotes - has a grey head with a fine, pointed, grey or black, usually upright, crest. Eye is orange with red-pink eye-ring. Breast and underside pale grey, back fawny brown. Wings are soft brown with bold black bars above metallic green to purple patches. Tail darker brown with white tips. Feet are bright pink. Reaches 31 to 36 centimetres in length. Males and females are similar in colouring.

Takes off from the ground with a distinctive whistling wingbeat. Flies in fast direct glides with wings held stiff and flat; on landing, tips forward and flicks the tail vertically. Lives in small flocks, feeds on the ground.

Crested Pigeon
A pair of Crested Pigeons at Boulia in Western Qld busily picking up seeds from the ground.
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Crested Pigeon Crested Pigeon feeding, Port Augusta, SA; this bird has fishing line tangled around its left foot.
Crested Pigeon Crested Pigeon from the front, Emu Plains, NSW.