Australian Bush Birds
Red-rumped Parrot  -  Psephotus haematonotus
Red-rumped Parrot
Male Red-rumped parrot with the red rump visible.
map map Male Red-rumped Parrots - Psephotus haematonotus - are green with turquoise head; shoulder and belly are yellow, wings mainly blue. Females are dull olive-green. Males have a red patch on the rump visible from behind or when taking off. Reaches 24 to 30 centimetres in length.

Lives in open grassy and lightly timbered plains, along timber-lined watercourses, mallee and farmland. Feeds on the ground in pairs or large flocks.

A common species within its range. The brighter coloured male is more readily seen but his less brightly coloured mate is usually nearby. The combination of one brightly coloured bird with a dull green companion is a useful identification feature for the species.

Habitat extends through inland Victoria and New South Wales into southern inland Queensland and the south-east corner of South Australia.

Female Red-rumped Parrot
Female red-rumped parrots feeding on the ground.
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Male Red-rumped Parrot Female Red-rumped Parrot
Brightly coloured male red-rumped parrot on the left; the dull green female parrot on the right.
Pair of Red-rumped Parrot
A pair of red-rumped parrots feeding together on the ground. The female's colour merges well with grass and leaves while the male's colour makes it stand out.
A different subspecies living in the Lake Eyre basin has paler plumage.

Common and sedentary.