Australian Bush Birds
Mulga Parrot  -  Psephotus varius
Mulga Parrot Mulga Parrot
The Mulga Parrot is predominantly green with many other colours including a red head.
map map The Mulga Parrot - Psephotus varius - is an emerald green bird with yellow forehead and red crown. Shoulder is yellow in males, red in females. Rump is characteristically coloured red and orange in males, green in females. Males have blue on the wing. Reaches 27 to 32 centimetres in length.

Also known as the 'Multi-coloured Parrot' because of the colours shown by males in flight.

Lives in semi-arid regions in mulga, mallee, saltbush or watercourses lined with trees. Never far from water.

Habitat extends through South Australia west into southern Western Australia except the south-west corner, and east into western New South Wales and inland southern Queensland.

Moderately common with seasonal variation.