Australian Bush Birds
Willie Wagtail  -  Rhipidura leucophrys
The Willie Wagtail has a variable white eyebrow. The regular white patches on the wing are not often seen.
Willie Wagtail The tail is often fanned out more than this.
map map The Willie Wagtail - Rhipidura leucophrys - has a black head, throat, upper breast and back. The wings are brownish black without any lighter coloured markings. White eyebrow and thinner lower cheek stripe. Eyebrow thickness varies; in excited birds it is thicker. Underside is white with a sharp boundary on the breast between upper black and lower white. Reaches 19 to 22 centimetres in length. Males and females are similar in colouring.

The tail is waved incessantly as part of the usual restless activity including sudden wing flicks to flush insects into the air where they are eaten. Aggressive little bird. Sedentary, widespread and common.

Habitat includes all of mainland Australia and parts of northern Tasmania. Avoids dense forests, preferring more open country.