Australian Bush Birds
Black Currawong  -  Strepera fuliginosa
Black Currawong showing the characteristic black plumage with heavy, hooked, beak and yellow circular eye. The white tail tip can just be made out as can the small white tips of wing feathers.
Black Currawong in full song.
map map The Black Currawong - Strepera fuliginosa - is a mainly black bird with intense yellow eye and heavy, all-black beak with a hooked tip (and slightly curved upper surface), similar to the Pied Currawong. Black around the vent and under tail (where the Pied Currawong is white). Tail feathers have a white tip, in common with other Currawong species. Feathers at the ends of wings have small white tips. Bill and feet are black. About the same size as the Pied Currawong reaching 47 to 49 centimetres in length. Male and female are similar.

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Immature birds are duller in colour with a yellow gape and darker eyes.

The Black Currawong is found only in Tasmania and on Bass Strait islands (the Pied Currawong is not found in Tasmania, but the Grey Currawong is a Tasmanian resident). Lives mainly in sub-alpine forest and woodland, sometimes moving to lower ground during winter. Found in open woodland and coastal scrub on Bass Strait islands.

Black Currawongs live in pairs, in family parties and in winter flocks to 100 plus birds. They spend much time feeding on the ground, even wading in shallow water and probing seaweed on beaches. They eat carrion, insects, berries and small vertebrates. Forages in branches, bark and foliage. Eats carrion, insects, berries and small vertebrates.

Breeds from August to December. The nest is a bulky cup of sticks placed high in a forest tree. Two to four eggs are laid, pale grey-brown blotched with red-brown and purple, oval, about 40 by 29 millimetres.