Australian Bush Birds
Spotted Turtle-dove  -  Streptopelia chinensis
Spotted Turtle-dove
The Spotted Turtle-dove is an introduced species which has settled into Australia; it is rapidly spreading and is widely regarded as a pest.
map map The Spotted Turtle-dove - Streptopelia chinensis - has a grey head, tinged pink. Nape and back of neck are black, spotted white. Wing, back and tail mottled dark and light brown. Underparts pinkish-fawn. Tail long, undertail is gray with outer feathers tipped white. Size is 30-33 cm. Juveniles lack spotted nape pattern.

White spots on black background on the side of the neck are characteristic.

Introduced into Australia around 1860-1920. There are two subspecies which interbreed in some places.

Inhabits cities especially suburban gardens, parks. According to the literature this species lives in established grain-growing areas of coastal and eastern Australia. But it is very common in Alice Springs (in 2009) with an estimated population of 8000 and is regarded as a pest there.

Common and spreading to inland towns.

Common names include Spotted Dove, Spotted Turtle-Dove and Indian Turtle-Dove