Australian Bush Birds
Radjah Shelduck  -  Tadorna radjah
Radjah Shelduck
Radjah Shelduck with white eye, brown and white upper plumage and chestnut breast band.
Radjah Shellduck
Radjah Shelducks with brown and white plumage showing chestnut patch near the tail. (Normanton, Gulf Country, Queensland)
Radjah Shelduck Radjah Shelduck
Left. Pink legs and feet Right. From the front, the chestnut band is narrower in females and interrupted in juveniles. (Normanton, Gulf Country, Queensland)
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map map In the dry season the Radjah Shelduck - Tadorna radjah - lives in tropical coastal wetlands, mangrove-lined river channels, tidal mudflats and beaches; some remain inland on permanent water. In the wet season it moves to the shallow margins of the expanding flooded wetlands, mostly further inland.

Male and female adults are similar in colouring but females have a narrower breast band. Juveniles have similar colour scheme but with patchy dark crown and a gap in the middle of the chestnut breast band; plumage may be flecked grey-brown.

Found in the northern Top End and on Cape York. Common in optimum habitats of the Northern Territory but scarce elsewhere. Classed as sedentary with local seasonal movement.