Australian Bush Birds
Sacred Kingfisher  -  Todiramphus sanctus
Sacred Kingfisher  
map map The Sacred Kingfisher - Todiramphus sanctus - has deep blue wings, back and rump with a white collar; buff at the back. Breast is scalloped buff in colour becoming white at the top, underside buff. Top of head is blue, black band through eye; buff patch in front of eye. Large beak is dark-blue/black with white underside near base. Size 21 centimetres. Male and female adults are similar, males have more buff colouring on the collar and upper breast than females. Juveniles have buff coloured collar and breast.

In flight, the deep blue wing feathers are exposed and the rufous buff coloured underwing area is visible.

Hunts on dry land for small reptiles and large insects; also uses the margins of wetlands.

Lives in open-forest, paperbark forest, woodlands, semi-arid scrubland and mangroves.

Widespread and common. Sedentary in the northern parts of Australia; migrates to southern parts in summer.